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Not all projects are created equally! All projects have more than one phase to meet our client's needs. Most projects begin with a well crafted research phase. Once we have all the necessary data we need to start a project we begin by brainstorming creative ideas, innovative solutions, and a great story!

Once we have the necessary design components we develop a compelling concept and story board that clearly and effectively illustrates our design intent. Once we have mastered a unique and innovative direction we move onto making the dream a reality in 2D design drawings and illustrations.

Our visualization phase takes on many forms and function. Many projects only require a 2D visual rendition of the final concepts. Others require 3D digital renditions and/or tangible models and prototypes our clients can hold and test via VOC trials to determine their ideal consumer response.

Once the final design concept has been established we move onto creating a working production quality prototype of the concept to get a better sense of any and all manufacturing concerns prior to cutting tools. After testing the final prototypes our clients are ready to begin production.

Project and brand management is a key factor to maintaining a coherent and cohesive brand identity across all media. We take all projects that require multiple areas of development and maintain the branded identity to ensure every aspect carries the brand dna and adheres to strict brand protocols.

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